Current Cup of Tea #3 – November 2018

My “Current Cup of Tea” is a recurring monthly series where I will share music, books, tv shows and other media that I have read, watched, listened to or otherwise enjoyed this month.


Imagine Dragons – Origins. Only a year after releasing their album Evolve, Imagine Dragons is back with a new album called Origins. And it’s not just a 10-song album either, no, the deluxe edition has 15 songs. The album stays close to that typical Imagine Dragons sound while still trying some new things as well. I really like the album as a whole, but somehow even after a few listens there aren’t many songs that stick out and that I want to listen to on repeat. The only song that maybe comes close is the easy to listen to “Zero”, from the “Ralph Breaks The Internet” soundtrack.


The Invoice – Jonas Karlsson. This absurdist novel is about a guy who receives an invoice for all the happiness he has experienced in his life so far. The concept sounded very intriguing, which is why I got the book from the library. And it certainly didn’t disappoint – I finished in a couple hours.

The Man in the High Castle – Philip K. Dick. Apparently this book is some sort of cult classic, but I had never heard of it. It’s about an alternate universe in which Germany and Japan won the Second World War, and America is divided into a German part, a Japanese part, and a neutral area. In this neutral area lives a writer in a high castle, who wrote an underground bestseller about an alternative universe in which Germany and Japan were defeated. I’m only halfway through the book, but it’s quite interesting so far.


Honey Heist. My boyfriend likes watching Dungeons & Dragons campaigns and other shorter RPG’s on YouTube occasionally, and he recommended me to watch the RPG Honey Heist to see if I’d like it as well. And I actually enjoyed watching this a lot! In this RPG, all players are bears and have to steal honey. There are only two skills, bear and criminal, which makes it a pretty simple RPG to start watching if you’re not familiar with them. And to be honest, I’m not familiar with them at all, so I have no clue what I’m talking about here 😉 I highly doubt I’ll ever watch Dungeons & Dragons (those campains are long) but I’ll definitely watch more shorter RPG’s in the future – and who knows, maybe even play them myself someday.

3 thoughts on “Current Cup of Tea #3 – November 2018

  1. Watching and Playing D&D is quite fun. The Adventure Zone is nice because it is broken up into chapters, so you can listen to one chapter, forget it for a bit, then come back to it when you need a podcast on a flight or long drive or something to pass the time.


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