6 favourite YouTube channels

For the longest time, I only used YouTube to discover new music. I never really watched all the famous YouTubers. But at some point, YouTube started recommending other things than music to me anyway, so I ended up watching mainly smaller YouTubers on topics like minimalism, sustainability and the curly girl method. Yes, that’s right, it’s watching videos on YouTube that inspired me to blog about those topics. I didn’t end up subscribing to a lot of the YouTubers I’ve watched videos of in the past 2 years, but here are 6 both bigger and smaller YouTube channels I did subscribe to and watch regularly.

How to get your shit together

This is a channel about productivity, organisation, minimalism, and everything else that helps you to get your shit together. The owner of the channel, Laura, is an Irish lady who definitely seems like she has her shit together, and won’t take any of your shit. She helps you to be productive and stay motivated with a lovely Irish accent, while teaching you some Irish too. This channel was one of the first ones I subscribed too (that wasn’t music-related, that is) and inspired me to clean out my entire room.

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

Jessica is a disabled gay deaf YouTuber who makes videos about disability, chronic illness, deafness, LGBT+ issues and vintage stuff. Her videos are often sassy and hilarious, while also being really educational. I learned a lot about disability issues through her channel, such as why the straw ban hurts disabled people. And last but not least, her and her wife Claudia make really cute videos together that will make everyone believe in true love.

Safiya Nygaard

Safiya used to work for Buzzfeed, where she was always one of my favourite creators. She’s now had her own channel for a while, where her personality and creativity really shine through. Her videos are mostly make-up and fashion videos – but all with creative twists. She does stuff like “bad make-up science”, where she mixes all her make-up together, or tries to wear weird clothing items for a week, like thigh-high uggs. What I also like is that she usually also makes it educational by adding in some fashion history or other interesting facts.

A laptop with the YouTube homepage open, on a desk with a pen holder and a water bottle beside it.

Taylor R

Taylor is a model who lives in Hong Kong and Toronto and vlogs about her life. She is mostly known for the Japan vlogs and videos she did when she lived in Japan. I originally found her when I was watching videos on tiny houses, ended up watching Japan apartment tours, and found her Tokyo house tour – which really wasn’t so tiny. I then kept watching her videos for her personality, her creative DIY’s, and her adorable teacup poodle Rosie.

Liah Yoo

If you want to learn stuff about skincare, this is one of my favourite channels. Although Liah is not a dermatologist, she does a lot of research into skincare and even started her own skincare brand KraveBeauty. Her goal is to simplify skincare, and she does a really good job at that! She doesn’t just sell her own products, or recommend the products she uses – she explains what different ingredients do for you skin and what you need to look for in a skincare product. Of course there are more channels that do the same thing, but Liah’s videos are really fun to watch and easy to understand. Her channel is the one that helped me to start my own proper skincare routine.

Use Less

I’m subscribed to quite a few channels about minimalism and capsule wardrobes, but I chose to include this one in this list. Use Less is a YouTube channel and blog by Signe. Although her style is very different from mine, I really love the way she approaches capsule wardrobes. She has a basic year-round capsule wardrobe, and then each season adds some seasonal pieces. If I ever were to try a capsule wardrobe, I think this is the way that would make sense for me too. This is why I really enjoy watching her capsules.

Do you watch a lot of YouTubers and which channels are your favourites? Do you watch any of the above channels? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “6 favourite YouTube channels

  1. I don’t really watch YouTube but I think I’m gonna have to start as it seems I’m missing out on so much! Will be sure to check these out 🙂

    Charlotte | charlotterick.com xx


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