Things I don’t like about the Curly Girl Method

It’s been around two years now that I first heard about the Curly Girl Method. I slowly started implementing some of its principles into my hair routine, and it has definitely changed my hair for the better. However, there are also a lot of things I don’t particularly like about the Curly Girl Method. These things are also why I don’t follow it strictly.

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The super strict rules and cult-like tendencies

One of the things I like the least about the Curly Girl Method are the strict rules and the sometimes cult-like tendencies surrounding it. A lot of people tend to take the method very seriously, and I know of several people who have been kicked out of online Curly Girl groups for not adhering to the method strictly.

Personally I take the Curly Girl Method more as a guideline or a starting point than a strict set of rules. For instance, I do regularly use a sulfate shampoo. I have been avoiding silicones since starting the method, but I’m not against ever using them in my routine ever again. A lot of the things you need to avoid in the Curly Girl Method are not necessarily bad for your hair. The main reason a lot of ingredients need to be avoided is that only sulfates can wash them out – and sulfates can be too harsh for dry hair, which curly hair tends to be. But not everyone’s hair is the same and some people can use or even need to use sulfates every once in a while. In the end, I feel like everyone just has to do whatever works for their hair, regardless of ingredients.

The time it takes to do your hair routine

Another thing that really annoys me sometimes is the time it takes to do your hair routine when using the Curly Girl Method. I’ve always simplified my routine as much as a I could, but it is quite a change from only washing my hair and maybe using conditioner once a week. Of course, this is more a result from using more products than the Curly Girl Method in and of itself. But especially as someone with a chronic illness, I don’t always have the energy to spend all that time on my hair.

So in general, my routine looks a lot simpler than most people out there who use the Curly Girl Method – which means I am not going to have the shiny defined frizz-free curls that most people want to achieve. But I am just not able or willing to spend that much time on my hair. My hair looks a lot better already than it used to with just adding a few CG-friendly products and techniques, and that’s fine with me.

The expensive and hard to find products

If you are in the United States, there are a lot of affordable Curly Girl-friendly products available in drugstores. Here in Europe, however? Not so much. A lot of the brands that people are raving about are not available here, or a lot more expensive. I have tried and reviewed a lot of affordable products on this blog that are mostly CG-friendly, but it is hard to find products that are completely CG-approved. A lot of them contain small amounts of isopropyl alcohol, or contain cleansers that are strictly not allowed.

So although it is possible to find nice and affordable Curly Girl-friendly products here, especially if you don’t follow the method strictly, it definitely can be a challenge. Fortunately there is an increasing demand for sulfate- and silicone-free products, so the number of brands creating these kind of products is increasing too. So I definitely am not done reviewing hair products yet.

Overall, I feel like the Curly Girl Method has changed my hair for the better. I really like it as a guideline for how to take better care of my hair, and since starting it I have learned a lot about hair care in general. But in the end, doing what works best for your hair and your life is more important than following a strict set of rules. The Curly Girl Method is not the be-all end-all for curly hair.


3 thoughts on “Things I don’t like about the Curly Girl Method

  1. Great post. I totally agree with you. The CGM is great for people who are starting out with their hair journey and have no idea of what to do with their hair. However, when they get the hang of it, it is essential for them to create their own method/routine that can fit their hair’s needs. ❤ I love to see that there is a lot of us out here who think the same!

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  2. Hi, so happy to have found your blog (was checking out opinions about new, supposedly, curl friendly products from Szwarzkopf)! I find that CGM is a bit cult-like too. It’s important to understand why we do things the way we do them, not just follow them blindly and plenty of members of that community do act as if it is a religion, not applied “science”. Then again most of the Internet is like that, because well, most people are like that. Often times lacking the understanding, not being interested in deeply understanding the logic behind the choices and methods and sometimes just not having the interest or energy to understand the “why?”. Which is fine by me, but it does create a somewhat of a witch hunt feeling when a group of people acts like that. Thus being said, I do like the curlyhair reddit. Mostly because there is an International product list available that gets updated often enough. They also have a rather in depth guide explaining the “why”. Believe it or not, but people do actually discuss things there openely and it’s definitely not like FB or other social media/boards I have encountered. Maybe you’ll find yourself there more at home 🙂
    Anyhoo, will RSS you, since I found this goldmine of a blog of yours! Your hair is GORGEOUS. I wish I had the patience to keep mine this long and not do the big chop 2 years ago. Now I have a chance to learn how to grow mine this beautiful. Hugs (mask on 😉 ) from Limburg!


    1. Hey thanks! I’m a member of an FB group that is not so cult-like and not strict CG, so I really enjoy that one! The curlyhair reddit definitely can be great for product recommendations as well 🙂


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