Winter 10×10 challenge

One of the things that is often associated with minimalism is a capsule wardrobe: a limited number of clothing items (usually around 33) that you wear for the entire season. The idea is that all items mix and match together, so you can wear a lot of different outfits with only a small number of items.

Although I have been practicing minimalism for a while now, I have never tried the capsule wardrobe concept. I do put away my summer clothes in the winter, and my winter clothes in the summer – but other than that, I have all my clothes to choose from. Although I feel like doing an actual capsule wardrobe would not work for how I dress, I thought it would be fun to do a mini capsule in the form of a 10×10 challenge.

White text reading "Winter 10x10 challenge" on a turquoise background

A 10×10 challenge means that you take only 10 items of clothing and wear only these over 10 days, making a different outfit every day. Usually, people include shoes and jackets in this as well, but I decided to exclude those. I usually pick these based on the weather rather than style, so I’m constantly wearing the same coat and shoes – and these days I barely leave the house anyway.

When I picked my clothes for this challenge, I specifically chose items that are easy to combine with each other. However, this definitely doesn’t mean they all need to be black, white and beige, as a lot of capsules are. I kept my bottoms and underlayers pretty neutral, but all my top layers – in this case sweaters and cardigans – do have color in them.

So these are the items I decided to include in my 10 item capsule:

  1. Blue jeans
  2. Black jeans
  3. Black skirt
  4. Green cardigan
  5. Red/white cardigan
  6. Rust-colored sweater
  7. Burgundy sweater
  8. Grey t-shirt
  9. Black/white striped t-shirt
  10. Black top with lace

Because I can usually only wear t-shirts twice before they need to go in the laundry, I decided to plan every outfit beforehand to make things a bit easier for myself. I first wrote down all the possible combinations, coming up with over 20. Then I narrowed down the list to 10 options that would make me wear each item around the same number of times.

From left to right: burgundy sweater with black jeans; red/white cardigan with white/black striped t-shirt and black jeans; green cardigan with white/black striped t-shirt, black skirt and tights; red/white cardigan with grey t-shirt and blue jeans; green cardigan with black lace top and blue jeans
Outfits on day 1 to 5.

Although I do want to look cute, I in no way consider myself to be super fashionable (as you can probably tell). The most important thing in clothes for me is comfort. It needs to feel nice on my skin and keep me warm enough (or cool enough in the summer).

From left to right: rust-colored sweater with black jeans; burgundy sweater with blue jeans; red/white cardigan with black lace top and blue jeans; green cardigan with grey t-shirt and black jeans; rust-colored sweater with black skirt and black tights.
Outfits on day 6 to 10.

Although I do like wearing color, I tend to wear more dark and muted colors in the winter. I also tend to wear less patterns than in the summer. I generally like non-patterned clothes to have some sort of other interesting details though, such as lace, a pocket or a structure like the burgundy and rust-colored sweater have.

So this is what I wore for my winter 10×10 challenge! A lot of 10 item capsules I see online contain only super basic items, so by doing this challenge for myself I wanted to show that it is possible to mix and match items easily even when you include color.

Have you ever tried a 10×10 challenge or a full capsule wardrobe, and what are your thoughts on these types of wardrobes? Did you like the outfits I put together? Let me know in the comments!

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