8 minimalist & capsule wardrobe YouTube channels to follow

One of my favourite sources for minimalism and capsule wardrobe content is YouTube. There are a lot of great channels out there that inspire me to minimize my own closet or create a capsule wardrobe. I love taking a peek into other people’s wardrobes, even if their style is completely different from mine.

What I have noticed though is that many of these YouTubers wear pretty much the same sort of clothes. They all seem to have the same small basic capsule – often consisting of only black, white and maybe beige. Sometimes it seems like that is the only way to have a small wardrobe – but that is certainly not the case. In my previous post I talked about having a colorful minimalist wardrobe and gave some tips on how to create one. In this post, I will highlight some (mostly smaller) YouTube channels that diverge from the usual minimalist formula in some way or another, either by including color and patterns or having a different style from the classic minimalist.

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A Small Wardrobe

A Small Wardrobe is the biggest channel on this list, having over 100k subscribers. Her style is completely different from mine, and does not necessarily include a lot of color – but it is not black and white and differs vastly from most capsule wardrobes out there. It shows that in order to have a minimalist wardrobe, you do not only have to own basics. In fact, you can have a wardrobe without any basics in it at all! You can find her channel here.

The Simplicity Diaries

The Simplicity Diaries by Jenny was one of the first channels I found on minimalism. I was checking out reviews for a backpack I wanted to buy, and she had a video up of how she packed it minimally. She introduced me to Project 333 as well as the concept of eco-minimalism. Although she does wear a lot of black, white and greys, she also does include some color and I find that her style is more creative than most minimalist channels are. Check out The Simplicity Diaries here

Lauren McKinney

Lauren’s channel is one of my more recent discoveries. The base of her wardrobe is quite similar to many minimalist and capsule wardrobes out there, but she then adds her own twist to it by adding romantic elements such as ruffles and flower patterns. She even has an entire video on how to add patterns to your wardrobe, which you can check out below. And you can find her full channel here.

Approximately Right

Speaking of patterns: Fernanda from Approximately Right is the queen of including a lot of patterns in a very small wardrobe. She usually includes only 15 items total in her capsules, and combines patterns and colors in very bold ways that not everyone would. On top of that, she has a completely different style too from most minimal wardrobe YouTubers. Her channel shows that minimalist wardrobes don’t have to be boring at all, and can be found here.

Alli Cherry

Alli Cherry makes videos about much more than just clothes, such as sustainability and being low waste – but she used to do capsule wardrobes and still does thrift hauls occasionally. She wears a lot of basic minimalist pieces, but is not afraid to use color and patterns as well. I like her style a lot, which is in some ways similar to mine – so it is easy for me to find some inspiration in what she wears. Check out Alli’s channel here!

Emma Losey

Emma’s capsule wardrobes have a pretty casual and basic base, but she also uses bright colors and adds a lot of 70’s elements. On top of that, she also gives great advice on how to incorporate certain style elements into your closet, how to incorporate color and how to create a style uniform. Her style also shares similarities with my own, which again makes it really easy for me to use her channel for outfit inspiration. Emma’s channel can be found here and you can watch one of her videos below.

My Green Closet

My Green Closet is also one of the bigger channels on this list with 80k subscribers. As the name suggests, this channel focusses on making your wardrobe more sustainable. The channel’s creator, Verena Erin, has a background in fashion design which gives her a lot of knowledge about fabrics and clothing quality. Her capsules do not necessarily contain a lot of color, but she does own some bolder pieces and has a more creative style than most minimalists. You can find the channel here.

Tinted Green

Tinted Green is not a very active channel, but I do really enjoy her videos about capsule wardrobes and thrifting. While she is also focused on sustainability, the name Tinted Green also refers to her wardrobe itself, as it consists of a lot of pieces in the color green! Her style is pretty casual and in some ways follows a more basic minimalist formula, but I like how she manages to include her favourite color into it, and then some other colors as well. Her channel can be found here.

Those were 8 of my favourite, mostly smaller YouTube channels about minimalism and capsule wardrobes that I think are absolutely worth following. They show that it is possible to have a smaller wardrobe without having to have the same style as every minimalist out there, or having to compromise on your taste. If you know any other minimalist or capsule wardrobe channels that diverge from the classic minimalist wardrobe, especially smaller channels that deserve more views, let me know in the comments!

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