6 sustainability and zero waste YouTube channels to follow

Sustainability has always been an important issue to me, and lately I have been trying to educate myself more on it. And one of my favourite ways to learn is through YouTube videos, because YouTube can often be an easy, accessible way to get access to information. So after sharing my favourite YouTube channels about minimalism and capsule wardrobes a while ago, in this post I will share some of my favourite YouTube channels about sustainability, zero waste and eco-friendly living.

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If you already know a lot about sustainability, you might already know these YouTube channels as well. But if you are a beginner in this area, and are looking for YouTube channels that offer a lot of great and easy to understand info about how you can live more sustainably, these are the ones I would recommend the most. I find them all very accessible, as they all have lots of easy tips for beginners and are all aware that not everyone can do the same things, for instance because of disabilities or poverty – and that in the end what we need is systemic change rather than just individual change.


Shelbizleee or Shelbi is a sustainability YouTuber who actually has a degree in environmental science, so she knows a lot about the subject. The main subjects she talks about are zero waste living and zero waste swaps, and a concept called eco-minimalism. It’s the kind of minimalism I practice, and it basically means you reduce your consumption to lower your impact on the planet. I always really love her videos and find myself agreeing with her a lot. You can find Shelbi’s channel here.

Going Zero Waste

Because of the featured video by Shelbizleee above, I discovered Kathryn’s channel Going Zero Waste. Like the name says, a large part of her channel is focused on zero waste living, zero waste swaps and using less plastic. But she also has videos about eco-minimalism, thrifting, and moving beyond the focus on plastic. I also really enjoy following her on Instagram, as she does ‘Good News Fridays’ highlighting all the good stuff happening in the world when it comes to the climate and the environment. You can visit the channel here.

Sustainably Vegan

Immy from Sustainably Vegan’s videos are, like the channel name says, mostly about sustainability and veganism. While I personally am not vegan, I am trying to reduce my animal product intake so I do enjoy some of her videos on veganism. She also makes videos about zero waste swaps and habits, growing her own fruits and vegetables, and some eco-minimalism, simple living and selfcare. I find her videos really calming to watch as well. Sustainably Vegan’s channel can be found here.

Levi Hildebrand

Levi Hildebrand makes really well-made, informational videos about a lot of subjects regarding sustainability. He tackles issues like recycling, eating local and minimalism, and reviews a lot of sustainable brands – but he also makes videos about how he and his wife Leah personally practice minimalism and zero waste living. A lot of his videos look like they could easily be part of a tv show rather than a YouTube channel, which makes them really easy and fun to watch. You can find Levi’s channel here.

Gittemary Johansen

Gittemary Johansen is a Danish YouTuber who makes videos about her zero waste life, veganism and thrifting. She also regularly makes informational videos about sustainability issues such as greenwashing, eco certificates and the impact of things like fast food and bamboo. She also has made several videos about how, in contrast to most sustainability YouTubers, she is not a minimalist – showing that you don’t necessarily have to be a minimalist to live a sustainable lifestyle. You can watch Gittemary’s videos here.


Last but definitely not least is Jhánneu’s channel. Her channel focuses mostly on sustainable beauty, minimalism, and making sustainability inclusive and accessible for everyone. The sustainability movement is overwhelmingly white, so I believe it is important to listen to the voices of people of color like Jhánneu. Marginalized communities are often more affected by climate change, but they also often have the least access to a sustainable lifestyle. I think it is really important to have these conversations in order for sustainability to become accessible to everyone and truly benefit everyone. You can find Jhánneu’s channel here.

So those were my favourite channels on sustainability and zero waste living that I think you should absolutely follow. Are there any that you enjoy and think are worth following that are not in this list? Let me know in the comments!


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