My simple drugstore skincare routine

Like many people, I never really had a skincare routine. I did use make-up remover, used a face wash every night and used some spot treatment products, but I didn’t really know what I was doing or what products my skin needed. That all changed when I stumbled across some YouTube videos on skincare. At first I was kind of overwhelmed, because there are so many different products and so many different ways to do skincare. Some swear by going all natural, some prefer a 10 step Korean skincare routine. Meanwhile, I was just trying to figure out what each product actually did. Eventually I found some channels that were really good at explaining skincare and what ingredients to look for (I highly recommend Liah Yoo’s channel) and I searched on Google for additional info from dermatologists and slowly started to figure it out. So around one and a half year ago I started my first, proper skincare routine with affordable drugstore products. In this post I will explain what my routine looks like and what products I use.

Morning routine

In the morning I really only wash my face with water, and apply a moisturizer. I don’t use any cleansers, toners or anything else – I just really like to keep it simple. I wash my face either in the shower or at the sink, and then I use the Nivea Essentials Hydration Boost Day Cream with SPF 15 for Sensitive Skin. It contains grapeseed oil, which has all kinds of benefits for the skin and can generally be used with all skin types. I think it’s important to use SPF every day, because even in the winter there are still UVA rays that can damage the skin. After I apply my moisturizer, I start my make-up routine, which usually consists of BB-cream, concealer, and mascara.

a hand holding Nivea daycream for sensitive skin

Evening routine

In the evening I use a simple routine containing 3 or 4 products depending on the day. I start with removing my make-up with make-up remover wipes. I usually get the home brand ones for sensitive skin from Dutch drugstore Kruidvat. Then I follow up with the Kruidvat Face Lotion for Dry and Sensitive Skin, which is sort of a mix between a cleanser and a toner. It helps me to take off the last bits of make-up that my wipes didn’t get, but it also contains niacinamide (vitamin B3), which strengthens the skin barrier and has anti-inflammatory properties. It works against acne, pigmentation and sun damage, and is good for both dehydrated and sensitive skin. My skin is dehydrated, sensitive and acne-prone, and I’ve noticed it really likes products with niacinamide.

my make-up remover wipes and my toner

After the lotion I follow up with a moisturizer. I’ve been alternating between 3 different moisturizers at night: the Kruidvat Night Cream for Normal & Combination Skin, the Kruidvat Natures Hydrating Day & Night Cream and Nivea Essentials Hydration Boost Night Cream for Sensitive Skin. Unfortunately I think they are all breaking me out occasionally. The only ingredient they have in common is shea butter, so although the rest of my skin loves shea butter, it seems like my face doesn’t. So for my next night cream I will look for something without shea butter and see if that doesn’t break me out.

the 3 night creams I alternate

And with all those breakouts I of course have some spot treatments too that I use whenever needed: the Kruidvat Pure Control Stick and the Kruidvat Originals Tea Tree Treatment Oil.

a hand holding two spot treatments

The Kruidvat Pure Control Stick is one I’ve been using since my teenage years. It contains salicylic acid, a chemical exfoliant which helps to fight acne and clogged pores. Unfortunately it also contains alcohol, which tends to dry out the skin, which is why I decided to try out a more natural product as well. Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory properties and is supposed to help against acne, blackheads and whiteheads. Because pure tea tree oil can be irritating on the skin it always needs to be diluted, and this treatment oil is diluted with chamomile extract and some other ingredients. Although it does work, I don’t feel like it is very effective.

Apart from these products, I also own a couple of face masks that I try to use occasionally, but this is more for fun and pampering myself than an actual part of my routine. I am also currently trying out some products from The Ordinary, which I have reviewed here.

Do you have a proper skincare routine, or do you have no idea what you’re doing and just hope for the best? Do you like to keep it simple like me or do you prefer a 10-step Korean skincare routine? Comment down below!


5 thoughts on “My simple drugstore skincare routine

  1. my skincare routine is so simple. Have you tried the Cetaphil night cream? Its the only drugstore night cream that I haven’t had issues with plus its unscented!


    1. No I haven’t! I’ve never heard of it before so I didn’t think it was available here in the Netherlands, but I just looked it up and turns out it is! So I might look into it once I’ve finished my current night creams 🙂

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  2. This might be a stupid question, but what do you do with the face lotion? Do you put it on a wipe to clean your face with? Do you mix it with water like soap to clean your face with? Or do you apply it on your face and let it sit there? I don’t know anything about skin care and I would like to learn.


    1. It’s not a stupid question at all! I don’t use this skincare routine anymore (I will post an updated one sometime in the next year), but what I used to do was put it on a cotton pad or a wash cloth and wipe it over my face. I didn’t wash it off after. Hope that answers your question!


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